Exam Info

Although not necessarily the 'be all and end all', graded exams can play a significant role in students' musical development. Working towards such exams can have many benefits in addition to the certificate and qualification that a successful candidate gains including faster rates of progression, increased confidence and performance skills that can be hard to develop elsewhere.

How Does It Work?

Whenever a tutor feels that a student is ready to enter for an exam with Trinity Rock & Pop, ABRSM or Rockschool (RSL), we will send booking guidance to the parent/guardian.

Parents/Guardians can then have full control over booking the exam and direct communication with the exam board.

All exam boards operate an online booking system for candidates to apply direct. (Click here to book)


Once your booking is complete and times and dates are confirmed please ensure you notify us via email examco@rockandpopfoundation.com to ensure the teacher is aware.

The Exams Our Students Take

Upon completion of The Rock and Pop Foundation Trainer syllabus, the majority of our Guitar, Drum and Keyboard students 

then progress to the Trinity Rock & Pop exam syllabus at the Initial Grade level.

Students also have the option of exams with RSL (Rockschool Ltd) or Trinity College and ABRSM for classical and jazz exams.

What If I Don't Want To Do An Exam?

There's no need to worry! If you don't want to submit the entry it's fine by us, although it is worth thinking about the benefits mentioned at the top of the page before making this decision final.


Booking An Exam

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