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Dixon Jet Set 5pc Drum Kit with Hardware and Cymbals - Deep Blue Sparkle

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Deep Blue Sparkle

This 3 in 1 - 2/3 Scale Drum Kit, can be used as a stand-up kit, silent practice kit or a normal acoustic kit.

Dixon Jet Set Plus is the ultimate all-in-one traveler drum kit. Sitting or standing; gig or quiet practice, this latest Dixon innovation adapts to all styles, stages and applications. Simply reconfigure Jet Set Plus to play as a conventional or cocktail set-up and then choose from the plastic batter side of each drum to play at full volume or the mesh resonant side for little to no sound.

9 PlyMahogany Shell, Satin Finish, Chrome Hardware, Mesh Drumhead on Resonance Side, Fully Adjustable Mounted Double Tom Holder, Fully Adjustable Mounted Snare Drum Holder, Fully Adjustable Mounted Floor Tom Holder. Bass Drum:12 x 16", Tom:6 x 8", Tom:6 x 10", Floor Tom:10 x 12", Snare Drum:4.5 x 12"

Bass Drum Pedal, Hi-Hat Stand, Snare Stand, Boom Cymbal Stand
Single Braced
16” Hi-Hat, 13” Crash

There is no stool included with this drum kit

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