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& Parents

"We cant believe the progress Katie has made in her  online drum lessons with The  Rock and Pop Foundation.

Within one term she now has  an electronic kit  and even given up ballet!!

Thank you for providing inspiration .  " A Parent - Gerrards Cross" 

Music Lessons 

We provide instrumental lessons in guitar, ukulele, drums,

piano and keyboard in over 250 Infant, Primary/Junior and Secondary schools and at our Head Office Studios via zoom lessons or in person by one of our fully accredited tutors. Lessons are normally available for students from Year 3 (aged 6/7) upwards either in groups or on a one to one basis.


We aim to provide well balanced and enjoyable courses

that develop skills across a range of playing styles on each

instrument. All genres and disciplines, including classical,

are catered for.


We have our own fully accredited syllabus that enables

students not only to learn skills in a specific instrument but

also in music theory and performance skills. All students

have an opportunity to take an exam in their chosen

instruments with Trinity Rock & Pop, ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall and Rockschool.

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Exam Information 

Although not necessarily the 'be all and end all', graded exams can play a significant role in students' musical development. Working towards such exams can have many benefits in addition to the certificate and qualification that a successful candidate gains including faster rates of progression, increased confidence and performance skills that can be hard to develop elsewhere.

Whenever a tutor feels that a student is ready to enter for an exam with Trinity Rock & Pop, ABRSM or Rockschool (RSL), we will send booking guidance to the parent/guardian.
Parents/Guardians can then have full control over booking the exam and direct communication with the exam board.

All exam boards operate an online booking system for candidates to apply direct. (Click the exam board logo to book)
Once your booking is complete and times and dates are confirmed please ensure you notify us via email  to ensure the teacher is aware.


Student Games                                 Our Games do require the latest version of adobe flash player click here to download.

Motor Music

Drive the cars, boats and planes and pick up the notes you're asked for and bonuses along the way but whatever you do, don't hit the wrong notes! You'll have to be fast to get to them all!

Note Race Relay

Race against the clock to see how fast you can read the notes. You can choose how many you want to answer. Try racing against your friends to see who's the fastest reader!

Music Reading Drum Notaion

Hover above the notation to see and hear each of the drum voices.

Kick Drum / Floor Fom / Snare Drum / Medium Fom / High Fom / Ride Cymbal / High Hat Closed / High Hat Open / Crash Cymbal

Have A Rest

You might know your notes, but what about the rests? They're just as important!

See how fast you can work out how many beats each of the rests that you see are worth

Gen-Duration Game

Do you know your half notes from your quavers?

See how fast you can recognise the different types of notes by cliking on how many beats they're worth choose how many to answer then race against the stopwatch!